Everything About
Adams Ocean Front Resort!

Adams Ocean Front Resort

is an earthly paradise located in Dewey Beach, the heart of Delaware.

AO - Standard motel room with double beds

The Perfect Vacation Destination

Adams Ocean Front Resort is so much more than a simple vacation destination. We take pride in providing comfort and relaxation with cozy accommodations.

Our staff is trained to accommodate and provide you with anything you might need during your stay. We are here to make sure that you have a beach vacation you’ll remember for years to come!

Location, Location, Location

Adams Ocean Front Resort is located in Dewey Beach between the Atlantic Ocean and Rehoboth Bay. The area is an ideal location to unwind and have fun. The area is surrounded by popular recreational spots, including gift shops, beach activities, and a wide variety of flavorful restaurants that are all close by. Dewey also has movies on the beach starting Mondays during peak season and Wednesday night bonfires. Everything is within walking distance, perfect for families who enjoy the outdoors. 

You can also enjoy the following town-sponsored programs and activities:

Align your visit with an event to spice up your vacation.

 Adams Ocean Front Resort has something fun for everyone.

An establishing shot of the shore and motels along Dewey Beach.
A close-up of colorful Dewey beach welcome banner hanging on a post.

What Happens

Behind the Scenes

At Adams Ocean Front Resort, we treat our employees like family. Through equal respect, positive feedback, and dedication, we aim to have the best employees to serve and assist you daily by ensuring that our staff are well-taken care of. The staff’s wellbeing is just as important as your stay, and our service is a reflection of that belief.

AO - Standard bed in motel room

Accommodation and Amenities

Our rooms accommodate couples, groups, and families. We also provide two-bedroom, two-bath villas that can accommodate up to six people.

Whether you are with your spouse, family, or friends, we provide you with the best service you will ever have.

Pet-Friendly Premises

Adams Ocean Front Resort is open to pets! We pride ourselves in being one of the only oceanfront pet-friendly accommodations in Dewey Beach. We want to provide the best time for everyone, and since your pets are part of your family, we want them to have a blast too! You can enjoy long walks by the beach and explore the town with your four-legged best friend.

Gone are the days where you had to stress about where you’re going to leave your pets every time you go on a vacation. At Adams Ocean Front Resort, you can finally have fun and enjoy the beach with everyone in your family, leaving no one behind.

AO - Dog standing on bench